Before Kill Or Be Killed, before The Fade Out, before Fatale, Criminal and Incognito... there was Sleeper. A crime noir series inhabiting the fringes of the Wildstorm universe, Sleeper is where Brubaker and Phillips found their form.
This volume contains the prequel mini series, Point Blank, illustrated by Colin Wilson, and Sleeper volumes one and two (also known as Season One) illustrated by Sean Phillips; all written by Ed Brubaker.
This edition comes with an OK Comics exclusive print signed by Sean Phillips.

Anybody who orders this book through OK Comics (before Wednesday 2nd May) is eligible to bid in a blind auction for the original artwork (signed and framed). Customers are encouraged to place a bid with us for the amount they're willing to pay, and the person who bids the highest gets to purchase the original art.
Sean Phillips original art has recently sold online for between £60 and £300.